ENROLMENT: Before your child can attend, you will need to complete the enrolment form provided.  This will include the names of two people we can contact should an emergency arise and we are unable to contact you. Should an emergency arise which warrants your child being taken to hospital, an ambulance will be called immediately. If you do not have ambulance cover, you should be aware of the costs involved.

ORIENTATION: It is important for your child to see their first childcare experience as a positive one. It is for this reason that Tyabb Village has a flexible orientation plan to suit your family and child’s needs. You can plan this with the leading educator in your child’s room. It is important for you and your child to meet the educators and get to know their surroundings before you leave them for a longer period. You and your child’s educator will plan when to stay and when to begin leaving your child alone. During orientation take the time to ask questions about how the room operates and the educational program. If the staff member seems busy with the children, management will be free to answer your questions.
DELIVERY & COLLECTION OF CHILDREN: Every child must be signed in and out of the Attendance Book on every day they attend, you must complete each column in the book including your name (not mum or dad) and a contact number for the day. You must nominate who will be picking your child up and be aware that staff will not release your child to anyone other than this nominated person.  If the person picking up your child is different to the person you have written in the book in the morning YOU MUST NOTIFY US. Give us a call and remind the person collecting your child that if they are unknown to us, they will need photo ID such as a Driver’s Licence

CLOTHING: Please send your child to us appropriately dressed.  They should not have to worry about getting their clothes dirty and always have a change of clothes in your child’s bag. Always send a coat and gumboots in winter. Your child will be given a Tyabb Village sun hat for the summer.  Thongs and loose fitting sandals are not appropriate footwear for vigorous outdoor activities. Please name all your child’s clothing. We cannot be responsible for lost clothing if it is not named.

MEDICATION: NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD’S MEDICATION IN THEIR BAG, if your child needs medication to be given please make sure the medication is handed directly to an educator. The educator will ensure it is stored safely and out of the children’s reach. You will need to complete the medication administration form with the instructions you wish your child’s educator to follow. We will not give a child medication unless their name and dosage is on a prescription label and this must match the dosage you have written in the medication book.
​MEALS: We will provide your child with a home cooked lunch, morning and afternoon teas and if they arrive early, they are welcome to have breakfast with us. Tyabb Village believe that a good diet is essential for your child’s health and wellbeing, that is why we ensure our menu follows the recommended guidelines developed for long day care centres by Nutrition Australia and Inner Grin. Our menu will be varied and interesting and our meals will contain no food additives or artificial colourings where possible. The focus will be on fresh ingredients prepared daily by our very competent cook. We have a four-week rotating summer and winter menu on display for you to look at, with recipes included.

ALLERGIES & FOOD INTOLERANCES: Please advise us if your child has any allergies/food intolerances that we should be aware of. This is especially important if your child’s allergy is severe or life threatening.  If we need to implement an Asthma Plan or Anaphylaxis Plan this must be completed and signed off by a doctor and we must be supplied with a copy of the plan before your child can attend at Tyabb Village

SUN-PROTECTION: We will provide sunscreen level SPF 50+ and a Tyabb Village sun hat (approved by the Anti-Cancer, Sun Safe program).  Our beautiful big trees, once they have grown, will create a lovely shade canopy, there is still a little way to go get though. Hats and sunscreen will be used when the UV protection level is above 3 for the day.

COMMUNICATION: The opportunity to share information about your child’s day with you is important to us and helps us plan for the next time your child comes to Tyabb Village, try to leave a few extra minutes when you come to the village to have a chat about your child’s most recent experiences and changing needs. We prefer to work together with you to support your child’s growth and development, we can plan goals together, you can contribute to the educational program and we can offer extra guidance or support for those tricky parenting moments. A communication book is available if you prefer, this travels between childcare and home and with messages to keep us all up to date and working together. Regular parent notices, information and newsletters are found in your parent pocket and at the bottom of the fees statements which are sent out weekly, plus you can also find our community posts on Story Park.
PAYMENT OF FEES: Our preferred choice of payment is DIRECT TRANSFER. You can set up a weekly transfer into Tyabb Village account to ensure you do not fall behind in your payments.  A credit card or eftpos option is available at reception, you can also pay by cash there.  We require the equivalent of two weeks’ fees paid as a bond prior to your child’ beginning at Tyabb Village. If you fall behind more than 2 weeks in your fees, your place will be suspended until the account balance returns to zero. During this time your child’s place will be secure, after 1 month your child’s place will be cancelled. If you’re having serious financial difficulties, please discuss this with the Manager. Full fees are payable for absences, including illness and public holidays.

HOLDING FEES:  A holding fee of 60% is charged to retain your child’s place when you are on holidays. Please inform the Manager of your planned holidays in writing by email:  to ensure the holding fee is allocated to your account.

ABSENCES: The Family Assistance Office monitors the number of absences from the Service each child has.  If your child has been away and you receive CCS you are required to notify us of the reason for your absence.  CCS is paid for up to 42 allowable absences per year and it will cease unless you have legitimate reasons for the additional absences.  Please let us know if your child is going to be absent.  Absences covered by a medical certificate do not count in the 42 allowable days. Please provide a medical certificate is if your child is unwell for our records.

CHILDCARE SUBSIDY: Contact Centrelink for assessment of you CCS allowance.

WITHDRAWAL OF CHILDREN: Two weeks’ notice must be given if you intend to leave the Service.  This is charged at full fees.​
​​If you have any further questions before your child begins with us at Tyabb Village you can contact the Service Manager, Lavinia Jenkin:
  • Ph: 5977 4303
  • Mob: 0408 540 519
  • Email:

We look forward to welcoming your family into “the village community”
  • Lavinia Jenkin, Service Manager, Family Welfare Practitioner
  • Marieke Lutterberg, Educational Leader
  • Rebecca Matt, Parenting Support