Hello, thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read my profile. I hope you find the information you are searching for, or even just enough information to prompt your curiosity so that you want to pop in for a visit at Tyabb Village Children's Centre.

What qualifies me to be able to offer this service to your family? I have over 30 years experience in child and family services, including disability and family welfare. I am a qualified Mother Craft Nurse, I hold an Advanced Diploma in Children's Services, Diploma in Community Services - Family Welfare, Certificate IV in Disability, First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Emergency Asthma Management, I am also a Community and Children's Services Workplace Trainer/Assessor.

Working with families has been my life and through my professional experiences I have gathered vaulable skills and knowledge. However, it is only through my observations and interactions with the many families and young people that I have worked with and respect, did I develop such a strong belief in the old African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child".

I have counselled and supported those who are parenting alone and those who are not and without a doubt I am able to say that when a person feels a sense of belonging, a sense of acceptance and a sense of hope they are empowered to make choices and decisions which effect chnage and positivity. 

My life has come full circle. I began my career in "child care" so many years ago. I went off to experience other aspects of family services and now I find I am returning to the much improved concept of what used to be "child care" and is now Early Childhood Care and Education.

I am thrilled to be a part of the changing face of children's care and education and I remain committed to ensuring that through reflection on our current practice we will continue to achieve further change and progress within those important "early years" for children.
My name is Marieke Lutterberg and I am the Educational Leader at Tyabb Village Children’s Centre.
As Educational Leader, I mentor and support all our educators to achieve a high standard of care and quality education for each child. My favourite thing about working with children is finding ways to develop programs specific for each individual child's needs, interests, knowledge, skills and development. I love thinking outside the box, which often results in practical solutions and I'm a strong believer in visual aids when working with children.
Also, working together with families to develop strategies is a crucial step to assist children to become the best they can be. When everybody around the child is working together, better outcomes are achieved!
As a workplace trainer, I can also ensure that our knowledge of best practice in Early Education is current and that I am able to provide training and professional development sessions where needed; to our own educators, families and in the future to the wider community.
I am a mum of 2 amazing girls who are both in Primary School. We love going to the beach in our free time and camping whenever we can. When we’re out in nature, there’s so much to see, learn and discover and I’m excited to be sharing that with my (and your) children! Especially now that we are all spending a lot of time in front of screens, we need to balance that with spending time outdoors, engaging with the nature around us and by stimulating children’s natural curiosity about the world around them.
I'm looking forward to meeting you and your child at TVCC.
Hello, my name is Rebecca Matt and I am the Early Childhood Specialist at Tyabb Village Children’s Centre. I am also the Leading Educator in the Under 3's room. I have my Diploma in Early Childhood Education (completed many moons ago) and have really enjoyed learning the new framework involved within the current Diploma, which we work with here at Tyabb Village.
I have been working in the early childhood sector for approximately 15 years and am married with two beautiful children, Charlie 10 and Emily 8. I love working with children and their families, believing that if we work together we can ensure that each child can reach their full potential and have lots of fun along the way.
I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Tyabb Village Children's Centre and the small community that surrounds us. In the future, as part of my specialty, I would like to work closely with the families within our community, to offer support to not only the children but also to the families within their own home.