My name is Izy, and I'm the Kindergarten Teacher here at Tyabb Village Children's Centre.

I completed my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in 2015, giving me over 2 years experience in leading a funded Kindergarten Program.

I am extremely passionate about early childhood and I enjoy providing interesting learning experiences, where the children are able to explore and gain skills and knowledge which they will carry with them throughout life. 

I am committed to providing a loving, safe environment for each child, where they feel secure and supported through their play and learning.
Hi, I'm Petra and I am the Kinder assistant in the Collectors Room. 

I began working in Early Childhood Education in 2011, when I completed my Certificate III in Children's Services. I worked as a Children's Disability Support Carer for a few years, then I was offered the fortunate opportunity to start working here at the Village, where the child focused philosophy truly fits with my passion. I am currently studying my Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care as well as completing training in Bush Kinder sessions. 

My passion is supporting children to explore, understand, love and care for the natural world; which includes fostering interests in the environment, sustainability, gardening and animals. 

I highly value instilling kindness, empathy and acceptance in children, as well as supporting children to build key life skills such as problem solving and resilience.
Hi my name is Katie and I have my Certificate III in Children's Services. I have worked in the Children's Services industry for 4 years and I thoroughly enjoy what I do; working with the children and watching them as they grow and develop.
I am an educator in the Under 3’s Room, however when needed I happily help out in the Over 3’s as well. I am interested in studying my Diploma of Early Childhood Education, hopefully within the near future, as I would like to further my knowledge and experience as an educator.  

Hi my names Nicole, 
I’ve grown up on a farm and my childhood was all about exploring, getting messy, being surrounded by animals and simply enjoying being a kid! The village provides that same type of play environment and I feel like I've found my second home.

I’m a very easy going, kind and generous person who loves getting engaged in the children’s play alongside them.

I have my Diploma of Early Childhood Education, as well as recently completing an Emotional Healing course (Hahnemann Healing) which helps me to deeper understand the children’s emotions and how to support each child through them.
Hi my name is Jessica and I am 22 years old. I have been working in childcare for just over a year now and have completed my Certificate III in Children's Services, with the hope to start my Diploma of Early Childhood Education in the new year.
Before working within Children's Services, I was a qualified hairdresser and had been hairdressing for 8 years.
While studying my Certificate III, I started working at a childcare centre in Somerville. This helped me realise how much I enjoy my role with the children and has now lead me to join the team at Tyabb Village Children’s Centre. I am an educator within the Under 3’s room, where I look forward to coming to work every day. The children are always so happy and enjoyable to work with.
Hi my name is Jessica, I completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services in 2012and have now been working in childcare for 3 years. My interest in childcare came from having a great connection with children and enjoying being around them.
I would like to further my studies in childcare, however I am also very interested in working with children who have special needs, so in the future I will be able to help those who attend Tyabb Village Children’s Centre.
At the moment I am working in the Over 3's room, with a great team, watching the children grow and learn and try new things. This makes me see myself working within childcare for many future years.
Hello my name is Freya, I am the Tyabb Village all rounder. Covering all the staff breaks and stepping up and into room educator roles as needed. 

I love working here at Tyabb Village and being a part of this family team, all the staff are very welcoming and this has made my transition into this role a lot easier.

I have been working in Chilcare for two and a half years and I love watching the children grow and learn new things, as well as being able to be apart of helping them learn.

I am currently completing my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and would like to futher my studies and continue to an Advanced Diploma or I may even break out into childrens speech, as this is an area I'd like to be able to help in.