We currently have limited places for enrolment in our Kindergarten Program for 2019. If you would like more information regarding the program, please contact the centre and speak with Lavinia (Centre Director) or Izy (Kinder Teacher).

Mindfulness Program
At Tyabb Village we are passionate about creating a calm, loving environment for children to learn and grow. As educators, we encourage children to be open and honest with their emotions, and work closely with each child to provide them with strategies for managing and regulating their emotions. Our weekly program is comprised of these strategies, so that children become familiar with them, and comfortable using them on a daily basis. These strategies include yoga, meditation and deep breathing. 
Animal Program - (Goodbye Butterfly - Storypark)
Yesterday we decided as a group that it was time to set our beautiful Monarch butterfly free into the garden! We sat in a circle, and the children shared everything they remembered about the lifecycle of a butterfly. We then opened up the mesh cube and watched eagerly, as we waited for her to take her first flight! It took a little while, but the children were very patient, and happy to see the butterfly return to its natural habitat! We still have one chrysalis left, which should hatch in the next few days! Seeing the lifecycle process in real life has really helped cement all the children’s learning; they are so confident in their knowledge!
Garden Program (Garden Care - Storypark)
Today was a busy gardening day at the village. Some of our children were in charge of taking turns to water the garden, so that the ground was nice and soft for us to transplant some of our seedlings into the garden bed.

After we moved some of our seedlings, we went for an explore around our garden to see if anything was ready to harvest. The strawberries weren't ready, and neither were the peas or corn.. but some our potatoes were! The children absolutely loved picking them out of the ground and can't wait for the other plants to be ready.

The girls too charge helping me dig out the sunflowers to prepare the soil for some new seeds to be planted. Some favourite vegetables suggested by the children were broccoli, carrots and cucumber. So we will be planting some next week.

The garden has been a long running interest at the village, every time we garden or water the plants, observations or questions from the children lead to meaningful discussions around how plants grow, why we grow our food and plants, where food comes from or how different fruits/vegetables grow. Once more of our food is ready to be harvested and used, we will support the children to prepare and cook some of these plants enabling them to experience the full cycle of growing and eating food.

Some of our lovely Collectors enjoying their garden and activities.